The Specifics:

Born: Stillwater, Oklahoma

Hair: Blonde (yes, naturally)

Eyes: Blue (no contacts)

Accent?: Only when she goes home to Oklahoma

Height: 5'3"

Weight: None of your damn business. (but for Killers 2 she went down to 99 pounds!)

Married, 1 Daughter, 2 Dogs, 1 Rat, Lives in California

Insane OSU fan (that's Oklahoma STATE, not Ohio or Oregon!)

Insane Softball player
(she's on eight teams at any given time from C League to A Leagues)

Favorite Softball Position: Pitcher and First Base.

Two older sisters, one younger brother

Dad and Step Mom live in Stillwater

Mom and Step Dad roam around the country in their RV


Kim Little is from Stillwater, OK (which is OK by us. OK, enough of these OK puns). She is not a Sooner, and she'll kick your ass if you even joke about that. In fact, if you want to be on her good side tell her how much you love OSU (Oklahoma State University, not Ohio or Oregon). She's crazy about her Cowboys. Yes, crazy.

Kim knew she wanted to be an actress since the eighth grade back in Stillwater. At 19 she moved to California to pursue her dreams.

Within the year of arriving Kim landed a few plump roles in the industry and was soon doing SAG features and TV work.

Kim answered a casting call for a low-budget film back in 1992. Had she known that the pay was only $35 a day and that this was non-union, she never would have taken the audition. Plus it was raining hard, and the address to the audition was wrong. She got the role, and on the shoot met her future husband, director/writer David Michael Latt. They married in 1994 and have been together since (which is a record in this business!). Together they have a daughter, two dogs, and a movie rat.